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Final chord from Nones.
Keywords: chord
Downloads: 9
sound sample
Keywords: chord
Downloads: 13
[audio]IUMA: DJ Chord
Chord (better known as 1/3 of the band Misfilter) is a producer who loves to explore all the possibilites of audio production. In 1999 he became immersed in the world of techno and hip-hop and has since sought to effortlessly fuse the two. This album is the result of his work over the years. "post.modern.urban.sound" is a political, metaphysical journey through sound fusing jungle, hip-hop, techno and rock like few before have done...
Keywords: DJ Chord
Downloads: 33
[audio]11X1 T12 07 chord of contact - Nigel Simmons
The chord joing the points of contcat of the tangents drawn from an external point.
Keywords: chord; parametrics
Downloads: 392
[audio]IUMA: Mantra Chord
Mantra Chord's "Telemegafone" album is the beginning of a new era in World music. Mixing contemporary with electronic rhythms, and ancient tribal mantras with spiritual motifs. Mantra Chord will take you there. -----This site is just a taste of what Mantra Chord is all about...Be sure to click on my "Other Homepage" link above to get more of my music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keywords: Mantra Chord
Downloads: 20
[audio]guitar chord - A
the sound of chord A
Keywords: guitar chord
Downloads: 100
[image]Drop This 476 - Nathan W.
The Major Chord - Drop This on Any Key and Play
Keywords: major chord
Downloads: 366
[audio]guitar chord - G
the sound of guitar chord G
Keywords: guitar chord
Downloads: 83
[audio]11X1 T12 07 chord of contact (2011) - Nigel Simmons
Deriving the equatiuon of te chord of contact
Keywords: parabola; chord
Downloads: 234
[texts]Chord Pickout
Chord Pickout download page. This program uses its artificial intelligence to guess chords for you. Chord Pickout Download Page. This program uses its artificial intelligence to guess chords for you. Full Movies, 2012 music song, software key and pdf ebooks for free. Download Chord Pickout free. This program uses its artificial intelligence to guess chords for you. Chord Pickout free download. Does not matter if you are pianist, guitar player, and bassist or into some other musical instruments,...
Keywords: Chord Pickout
Downloads: 17
[audio]guitar chords - E
guitar chord E
Keywords: guitar chord
Downloads: 94
[audio]guitar chord - C
the sound of guitar chord C
Keywords: guitar chord
Downloads: 187
[audio]guitar chord - D
the sound of guitar chord D
Keywords: guitar chord
Downloads: 103
[audio]11X1 T11 04 chords of a parabola (2013) - Nigel Simmons
Finding the general form of the chord of a parabola
Keywords: parametric; parametric; chord
Downloads: 14
[audio]IUMA: Three Chord Whore
Three Chord Whore derives its power from Ty Elam on vocals, Heather Mercer on guitar, Lori Wear on bass, Jeremy "Germ Boy" Church on lead guitar, and Shantell Waldo on drums. The Whores's have managed to fuse their diverse musical influences, from So Cal hardcore, Seattle Scene, Techno, Goth and cheesey 80's guitar riffs, into their own sonic style. Check out our website for sounds and images @ www.3chordwhore.com...
Keywords: Three Chord Whore
Downloads: 17
[audio]11X1 T11 07 chord of contact (2013) - Nigel Simmons
Two ways of deriving the chord of contact
Keywords: chord of contact
Downloads: 9
[audio]IUMA: panic strikes a chord
a minimalist with a flair for extravagance chaos never died. this is experiential music. this is anARTchy and poetic terrorism. this is all subject to change. a violently honest canvas filled with compelling instrumentation, hauntingly addictive vocals, and lyrics of the wisest insecurities. "electricity" intentionally is an uneasy listen, harboring displacement early on. disparate ideas immediately collide becoming entangled and indistinct...
Keywords: panic strikes a chord
Downloads: 11
[movies]Chord Projection Particle Shorts - Scott MacKinnon
These are various recorded projection moments from Particle shows. This is what the audience would see behind the band as they played.
Keywords: projections; Chord Projection; visuals
Downloads: 1,239 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]as if we ourselves belonged to others - azxtlx
almost there with this one. the timing of the arrangement is a little too loose and the timbre needs just a little more complexity. nevertheless, it's better than most recordings. some parallel efforts at: http://azxtlx-albumone.blogspot.com/
Keywords: epic chord; psychedelic; cloud
Downloads: 20
[audio]guitar chord - G - rigo
the sound of guitar chord G
Keywords: guitar chord G
Downloads: 75
[audio]chord completer - Levente Zsíros
A Prolog application that completes musical chords, and identifies scales. Usage examples are in the end of the attached file. Attachment is a Prolog file. To use it you can download SWI-prolog for free. After starting Prolog go to File->consult, select my file, and write something in the (Prolog) commandline. There are usage examples as comments at the end of the ".pl" file.
Keywords: music; chord; scale; prolog
Downloads: 27
[audio]Compo 2 - Super Mini Compo - Franck
A super mini but jazzy composition. Used to be played with a pick as a training chord/melody style tune.
Keywords: Chord/Melody; Jazzy; Training
Downloads: 132
[audio]01. Cocoon
Astra - (2012) The Black Chord full album
Keywords: Astra The Black Chord
Downloads: 10
[audio]guitar chord - F - rigo
the sound of guitar chord F
Keywords: guitar chord F
Downloads: 93
[audio]The_Lost_Chord_1912 - Restoration by Bob Varney
Enrico Caruso. The Lost Chord. Poem by Adelaide Proctor set to music by Sir Arthur Sullivan. Recorded April 29, 1912 and then performed again that night at the Metropolitan Opera House as part of a benefit concert for the families of victims of the Titanic disaster. Victor Cat. No.6023.
Keywords: Caruso; Sullivan; Proctor; Chord
Downloads: 571
[audio]guitar chord - Em - rigo
the sound of guitar chord Em
Keywords: guitar chord Em
Downloads: 95
[audio]guitar chord - Am - Rigo
The sound of guitar chord Am.
Keywords: guitar chord; Am
Downloads: 90
[audio]11X1 T07 01 definitions & chord theorems - Nigel Simmons
Introduction to circle geometry and some initial theorems
Keywords: circle geometry; chord theorems
Downloads: 1,073
[audio]Robot Jazz - Roger L. Bagula
Substitution algorithmic music based on Jazz chord progressions: fractal jazz compositions done by a robot...
Keywords: jazz; chord progressions; fractals
Downloads: 1,013
[texts]Chords - The Hammond Chord Organ Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1 - May 1953 - Bridges Publishing Co.
Paperback. Magazine produced by J.C. Bridges Publishing for Hammond Chord Organ owners. Articles in this issue: Developing Rhythms - The Waltz; The Future Of The Chord Organ; How To Play The Music In This Issue; Harmony and Music Fundamentals; Out Our Way. Music: Only a Rose; Louise; Deep River; Still Wie Die Nacht; To a Wild Rose; Consolation; Eli, Eli; You Tell Me Your Dreams; Church In the Wildwood; A Dream; From an Indian Lodge.
Keywords: Hammond; chord; organ; music
Downloads: 629
[texts]Hammond Chord Organ Service Manual, Models S, S-1, S-4 - Hammond Organ Co.
Service manual for earlier models of the Hammond Chord organ, which was introduced circa 1952. Covers models S, S-1, and S-4.
Keywords: Hammond; chord organ
Downloads: 1,628
[audio]11X1 T11 07 chord of contact - Nigel Simmons
There are always two possible tangents that can be drawn from an external point to a parabola. If we join the two points of contact of these tangemts wit the parabola, we get the "chord of contact"
Keywords: chord of contact; parabola
Downloads: 223
[texts]Hammond Chord Organ - Owner's Service Suggestions - Hammond Organ Co.
Brochure provided to Hammond Chord Organ owners in the 1950's to assist with service issues, primarily those associated with the the organ's vacuum tubes. Also gives instructions for tuning the Chord Organ.
Keywords: Hammond; chord; organ; service
Downloads: 611
[audio]Corcovado guitar chord solo
Guitar chord solo - cover version of famous song by A.C.Jobim
Keywords: bossa; guitar; chord solo
Downloads: 250
[texts]Chord Pickout 2.0
Found results for Chord Pickout 2.0 crack, serial keygen. Our results are updated in real-time and rated by our users. Chord Pickout uses its artificial intelligence to guess chords for you. All you have to do is to load a media file wav or mp3 and click a button. Chord Pickout 2.0 + Serial Number digunakan untuk mencari atau melihat chord - chord lagu kesukaan sahabat dengan mudah dan cepat. Software ini dapat membuat...
Keywords: Chord Pickout 2.0
[audio]Chemicus - Transient Moods
A short Techno track.
Keywords: Rolling percussion and deep chord
Downloads: 14
[audio]11X1 T13 01 definitions & chord theorems (2010) - Nigel Simmons
The basic definitions of circke properties and introducing some chord (arc) theorems.
Keywords: euclidean geometry; circle; chord theorems
Downloads: 341
[texts]Score of the Super Mini Compo - Franck
The music score of the super mini compo
Keywords: Score; Music; Jazz; Chord/Melody
Downloads: 86
[audio]The_Lost_Chord - Restoration by Bob Varney
Enrico Caruso. The Lost Chord. Poem by Adelaide Proctor set to music by Sir Arthur Sullivan. Originally recorded April 29, 1912 with orchestral accompaniment but this recording is a 1933 electrical re-creation by RCA/HMV with an electrically recorded organ substituted for the orchestra. Herbert Dawson at the keyboards with his part recorded on November 3, 1933 in Kingsway Hall, London. Think what you may of this, but it's an interesting bit of recording history...
Keywords: Caruso; Sullivan; Proctor; Titanic; Chord
Downloads: 436
[texts]Hammond Chord Organ Comments - Part 4 - 1956 - Hammond Organ Co.
Collection of newsletters produced by the Hammond Organ Company in 1956 for owners of its' Chord Organs. Some of the more noteable headlines and articles included: The Chord Organ is Part of the Meaning of "Home" for the Many Thousands of Families Owning One; 1500 Selections of Classical, Religious and Popular Music are Especially Arranged for the Hammond Chord Organ (combined February and March issue devoted to this list); Parents' Letter Tell How the Hammond Chord Organ Gives Their Children a ...
Keywords: Hammond; Chord; Organ; Comments; 1956
Downloads: 1,848
[texts]Hammond Chord Organ Comments - part 3 - 1955 - Hammond Organ Co.
A compilation of newsletters from 1955 produced by the Hammond Organ Company for owners of its' Chord Organs. Some headlines, articles and musical arrangements of note: Since 1951 More Than 1200 Selections of Music Have Been Especially Arranged for the Chord Organ; "Andante" from Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto; Seafaring Men Play Chord Organ To Fill Leisure Hours Aboard Ship; Themes from Strauss' 'Accelerationn Waltz'; Chord Organ Contributes To Musical Education of Students at California Element...
Keywords: Hammond; Chord; Organ; Comments; 1955
Downloads: 2,130
[texts]Collection Of Old Tunes For Ukulele - Michael Madden
The tunes in this collection were written and published before the year 1923.The authors of these tunes died before the year 1955.Therefore, these tunes are in the public domain in the US and Australia. Please consider whether or not these tunes are public domain in your country before downloading them.The arranging of these tunes is my own work, as are the few illustrations included in this collection.Videos that demonstrate a way of playing of these tunes may be found at:https://www.youtube.c...
Keywords: ukulele; chord solos; old tunes
Downloads: 475
[audio]music chord/scale finder/completer - Levente Zsiros
music chord/scale finder/completer version 2 (reviewed by musicians) For the review see: http://forum.emusictheory.com/read.php?5,4852 Previous version with usage instruction: http://www.archive.org/details/ChordCompleter
Keywords: music; chord; scale; prolog; complete
Downloads: 9
[audio]Cosmic Delays - Roger Bagula
Jazz in 16 bar forms with CFG chord progressions mostly in key of E flat/ C minor with various funk drum rhytms
Keywords: jazz; funk drums; CFG Chord Progressions; Eflat
Downloads: 126
[audio]Pompey by the ring of rocks
This is the debut (furniture) music from Melbourne, Australia, on Pocketclock music. A single song EP.
Keywords: pocketclock; pompey; melbourne; hum; albatross; tap; chord
Downloads: 106
[audio]X2 T03 06 chord of contact & properties (2010) - Nigel Simmons
Finding the equation of the chord of contact and other geometric properties of the conic sections.
Keywords: conics; chord of contact; geometric properties
Downloads: 410
[audio]Jazzy Licks over Maj7#11 Chord - Jamie Holroyd
Jazzy Licks over Maj7#11 Chord
Keywords: Jazzy Licks over Maj7#11 Chord
Downloads: 121
4' chord slotted airfoil MX-480. View of lower surface.
Keywords: 4' chord slotted airfoil MX-480
4' chord slotted airfoil MX-480. View of upper surface.
Keywords: 4' chord slotted airfoil MX-480
Downloads: 1
[audio]The Quinlan Tape - S.G. Lazarus & Cage
cheap chord organ,chromatic & other harmonicas,vocals,circa 1977
Keywords: chord organ; chromatic harmonicas; vocals; 1977; punk
Downloads: 31
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